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Code your future.
100% free of charge.

Equipping All Students For 21st-Century Sucess

MyPy Coding is a nonprofit organization that provides free, one-on-one, online coding lessons to students in grades 2-8.

Only 1 in 5 countries across the world offer Computer Science in all schools...

Source: Brookings Institute, 2020

Most students will never learn how to program in schools. That number is only exacerbated for students in underserved communities, who may not have access to often extremely expensive coding lessons. We are changing that by enabling all students to learn how to code, regardless of socio-economic factors.

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Why Computer Science?

Learning to code encourages students to break down problems algorithmically and think outside of the box. As the world only continues to digitalize, coding has endless applications and is a necessary tool for 21st century success.


 "This is a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn to code using Python! My son looks forward to his lessons and is able to apply what he learns to create innovative projects, like an animated Mother’s Day message!" 

-Erin T, MyPy Coding Parent

"Our experience with this group of young entrepreneurs has been amazing. They are so professional and dedicated to teaching kids about coding and making it interesting and fun."

- Mahvash S, MyPy Coding Parent

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Our founder, Kasim Khapra, was immediately drawn to the computer after first learning how to code, and Computer Science has played an enormous role in his life. Cognizant that most students will never learn how to code, Kasim wanted to spread his love for coding to others, and thus, MyPy Coding was born.


Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you for your interest!

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