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Code your future.
100% free of charge.

Changing the Paradigm in Computer Science Education

MyPy Coding is a nonprofit organization that provides free, one-on-one, online coding lessons to students in grades 2-8 nationwide. Our mission is to empower students with 21st century skills that will enable them to code their own future. 

Almost 50% of U.S high schools don't offer Computer Science 2022

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Why Computer Science?

As the world continues digitalizing, Computer Science is growing rapidly in all workplace settings, not just in tech-related jobs. A basic understanding of coding can serve as an entryway into jobs, internships, and other opportunities that will set students up for a lifetime of success.


 "This is a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn to code using Python! My son looks forward to his lessons and is able to apply what he learns to create innovative projects, like an animated Mother’s Day message!" 

-Erin T, MyPy Coding Parent

"Our experience with this group of young entrepreneurs has been amazing. They are so professional and dedicated to teaching kids about coding and making it interesting and fun."

- Mahvash S, MyPy Coding Parent

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"When a friend asked me to teach her fourth-grade son, some basic coding, I had never tutored before. Still, I put together a rough lesson outline with some of the first projects I had completed a few years earlier, skeptical that he would enjoy our session.


After writing his first “print statement” and watching words magically appear on the screen, his face lit up with pride. I saw that coding uniquely provided him with ownership of his learning: he wrote the code, he debugged the code, and he saw the result. His elated reaction reminded me of my own four years earlier, and I realized that this feeling of empowerment was not unique just to my experience.


His first 'lightbulb' moment triggered mine: I had the power to help someone else find their power, and it was infectious. After all, if I could teach one kid, why not two? "

- Kasim Khapra, Founder & CEO


Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you for your interest!

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